Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Saw Dev on Saturday. A totally impotent storyline coupled with dry dialog. Add to it some really confused smooch scenes, a tiring theme and a very slow pace. As if Fardeen and Kareena weren’t enough, Bacchan joins in the monkey-show. He seems to be getting crazier by the day…movie after movie filled with cliched policeman acts and boring dialog. As mota sez he’s raking in all the moolah there is to offer before he retires.

Anyway Balbeer’s got tickets for Lakshya this Sunday. Maybe that will turn out to be better than the last couple of movies I have seen.

Thinking Seat

My roomies make a big issue over me taking long time on the thinking seat. In their hasty judgments they fail to realize that my long reveries on “the seat” have lead to many a insights into the finer nuances of life. I can recount numerous instances where my trance on the seat has effected divine enlightenment. Every morning I find myself at the receiving end of their perverse sarcasm. But it’s worth the only time of isolation and concentration I get throughout the day :).