Sunday, January 22, 2012

Proof that wifey eats fish

My in-laws are the typical Marwari lot. So it's really a big deal for them to be related to an omnivore, drunkard occasional drinker like me. Not exaggerating - my brother-in-law won't even sit at a table where others are eating eggs. In fact, the other day I saw him turn his face from the Television, when I was watching a recipe show for chicken masala.

Going to the city tonight

Living in the suburbs, every weekend warranted a trip to the city. Whether you needed to shop, dine or just hang out, there was always a shortage of venues in the PCMC area. Not that Pune had a lot to offer in terms of variety, usually we ended up going to the same malls or restaurants or MG or FC road. However going out in the neighborhood never really felt like going out.

In the last couple of years, these weekend jaunts have become rare, given that availability has increased and I have become lazier :). So today wifey finally dragged me to FC road quoting some insane excuses. I figured that we could try this new seafood restaurant Maasemari, I have heard good things about. Review coming....

The 300 rupee haircut

I got a haircut after about 6 months of abstinence from the saloon. Earlier I used to go over to a local saloon where a barber is called a barber instead of a hairdresser. This time I went over to a Jawed Habib franchise. The cost of the hair cut has gone up from ₹200 to ₹300. That's a steep hike even after discounting the inflationary mood around. Well, the only thing I like about the place(for the price) is that its clean.

The haircut didn't seem to have done much, what with most people commenting that it was better in its earlier unbridled raggedness. So the next one's going to be due only after skipping ₹300 worth of local saloon trips :)

Tu mera hero hai....

I was watching 1983 hit Hero on Zee Classic today. Some good songs, ding dong being my favorite. This also has the "showman" of Hindi Cinema doing a cameo in this song..something he used to do in all his movies.

Though, the fun  was in really seeing the crisp editing, the impossible stunts and the funny characterizations.
In one scene Jacky Shroff is shot on the arm by a cop with a pistol from about a kilometer away. And Meenakshi riding pillion realizes that after Jacky falls from the bike. 
Crowning glory is the biggest sacrifice ever done my Meenakhi praying for his recovery: 
"इस देवी माँ के सामने, एक सच्चे प्यार करने वाले कुंवारी का ये प्रण है, की जब तक मेरे किशन को होश नहीं आता तब तक मै ये चुदियाँ नहीं पहनूगी।"
Good stuff!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mama monkey hai

I have been teaching my niece Meera some sentences.
I call her Babu and the first sentence I taught her was "Babu monkey hai". Unfortunately my wife and sister did not catch the humor in it and twisted that to "mama monkey hai".
So I had to teach her a new sentence "mama smart hai". However that did not register with her so now she goes on with variations of "mama monkey hai" and "mama smart monkey hai"! To add she can't pronounce smart so she says माठ which means dumb in Marathi.

Now I am trying to teach her "mama clever hai". Hoping she gets over "monkey" soon :)

Mama and the Monkey

Good read. Start from the bottom: