Sunday, October 3, 2004


At what stage of life is an individual fit to make the right choice for his own good. Do you let your child decide his own life, make his own choices? Why is the belief of god so fundamental. Did your parents give you a choice to believe or do otherwise?

Interesting debate with Tripathi on when a person is fit to choose. Does a child know what is right for him unless guided by the rationale of a parent. Is a child allowed to opt for his parent’s decision or rather forced to do so?

Something out of the Times of India Sacred Space

A man, who chooses the path of freedom from restraint of self-indulgence, will be a bond slave of passion while the man who binds himself to rules releases himself. All things in the universe, including the sun & the moon & the stars, obey certain laws. Without the restraining influence of these laws, the world will not go on for moment. It is the discipline and restraint that separate us from the brute. If we are men walking with our heads erect and not walk on all fours, let us understand and put ourselves under voluntary discipline and restraint…
What is the distinguishing line between discipline and tyranny, between restraint and freedom?


How much psychological inertia does an individual carry? Ever tried convincing someone that he was wrong? Ever heeded to your mother’s warnings?

That shows the large intellectual and emotional inertia each one of us has. An inertia which is gathered as we grow, the older we are the more difficult it is to roll.

Many problems in new couples start from the wife unwilling to adjust to customs of a new family. An intruder trying to govern the inertia of three other people. Society in itself has tremendous inertia, the collective inertia of all the members of that group. Physical laws are equally applicable to society…a large inertia requires a stronger force to change it. Imagine the likes of Gandhi and Hitler who were able to drive millions to a common cause. Random musings...

Grains of truth

Man is a creation of circumstances. Extra ordinary circumstances beget extra ordinary people.

Life me aage badhna hai to kisi ek jagah se ya kuch logon se lagav mat rakho – Goenka

Every 2 yrs change the scenery around you, change your place of work, change the people u meet, change ur friends... – Absa

Change is inevitable. Change is fundamental. Everything is bound to change except change itself – The Bhagvad Geeta

Look beyond the pond, there’s a lake. Look beyond the lake, there’s a river. Look beyond the river, there’s a sea. Look beyond the sea, there’s an ocean.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Ever wonder about the psychological relativity of time. There are days when it assumes a painfully slow pace in contrast to times when u wonder which day of the week it is.

Who decided the speed of time? Who decided the duration of a second? Can a snail experience time? Will a spider know time faster than we do? Would a second be shorter if our reflexes were sharper?

Except at a macro level, our minds seem to be ill programmed to determine time. This could well be the reason for all our measurements of time being relative.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Mai Aur Meri Dadhi

Have been growing a beard for the last two months. It’s been enjoyable more because this lets me indulge in the one thing I live for…laziness. Also it does satiate my strong penchant to notoriety. Though this comes at a cost of compromising my self-esteem (yeah I have some) since people take it as yet another source of perverse comedy.

There is a subtle matter of appearance…there’s divided opinion about who or rather what I look like most, a convict, a sadhu or a militant. The final blow came when I saw my cousin scaring her kid into eating lunch by pointing a finger at me. I have also earned some new sobriquets viz. dadhi, swami, baba, sadhu, atankwadi, kafir :D

The return

One and a half month since my last post. So u see my interests still remain temporal and my laziness legendary. Surprisingly people have been reading my blog. So I am back to plague the internet with my undying woes. Obviously nothing unusual to write about. My life remains as unchanging as ever.

But now that I think of it, I shud mention that I have been finally allotted work…which may come across as something very comical for the likes of Ankit and gang. But my six months of idleness has made me a minor legend in AO. And I still remain a victim of some really cliched humor.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Saw Dev on Saturday. A totally impotent storyline coupled with dry dialog. Add to it some really confused smooch scenes, a tiring theme and a very slow pace. As if Fardeen and Kareena weren’t enough, Bacchan joins in the monkey-show. He seems to be getting crazier by the day…movie after movie filled with cliched policeman acts and boring dialog. As mota sez he’s raking in all the moolah there is to offer before he retires.

Anyway Balbeer’s got tickets for Lakshya this Sunday. Maybe that will turn out to be better than the last couple of movies I have seen.

Thinking Seat

My roomies make a big issue over me taking long time on the thinking seat. In their hasty judgments they fail to realize that my long reveries on “the seat” have lead to many a insights into the finer nuances of life. I can recount numerous instances where my trance on the seat has effected divine enlightenment. Every morning I find myself at the receiving end of their perverse sarcasm. But it’s worth the only time of isolation and concentration I get throughout the day :).