Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Mai Aur Meri Dadhi

Have been growing a beard for the last two months. It’s been enjoyable more because this lets me indulge in the one thing I live for…laziness. Also it does satiate my strong penchant to notoriety. Though this comes at a cost of compromising my self-esteem (yeah I have some) since people take it as yet another source of perverse comedy.

There is a subtle matter of appearance…there’s divided opinion about who or rather what I look like most, a convict, a sadhu or a militant. The final blow came when I saw my cousin scaring her kid into eating lunch by pointing a finger at me. I have also earned some new sobriquets viz. dadhi, swami, baba, sadhu, atankwadi, kafir :D

The return

One and a half month since my last post. So u see my interests still remain temporal and my laziness legendary. Surprisingly people have been reading my blog. So I am back to plague the internet with my undying woes. Obviously nothing unusual to write about. My life remains as unchanging as ever.

But now that I think of it, I shud mention that I have been finally allotted work…which may come across as something very comical for the likes of Ankit and gang. But my six months of idleness has made me a minor legend in AO. And I still remain a victim of some really cliched humor.