Sunday, October 3, 2004


At what stage of life is an individual fit to make the right choice for his own good. Do you let your child decide his own life, make his own choices? Why is the belief of god so fundamental. Did your parents give you a choice to believe or do otherwise?

Interesting debate with Tripathi on when a person is fit to choose. Does a child know what is right for him unless guided by the rationale of a parent. Is a child allowed to opt for his parent’s decision or rather forced to do so?

Something out of the Times of India Sacred Space

A man, who chooses the path of freedom from restraint of self-indulgence, will be a bond slave of passion while the man who binds himself to rules releases himself. All things in the universe, including the sun & the moon & the stars, obey certain laws. Without the restraining influence of these laws, the world will not go on for moment. It is the discipline and restraint that separate us from the brute. If we are men walking with our heads erect and not walk on all fours, let us understand and put ourselves under voluntary discipline and restraint…
What is the distinguishing line between discipline and tyranny, between restraint and freedom?

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