Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tu mera hero hai....

I was watching 1983 hit Hero on Zee Classic today. Some good songs, ding dong being my favorite. This also has the "showman" of Hindi Cinema doing a cameo in this song..something he used to do in all his movies.

Though, the fun  was in really seeing the crisp editing, the impossible stunts and the funny characterizations.
In one scene Jacky Shroff is shot on the arm by a cop with a pistol from about a kilometer away. And Meenakshi riding pillion realizes that after Jacky falls from the bike. 
Crowning glory is the biggest sacrifice ever done my Meenakhi praying for his recovery: 
"इस देवी माँ के सामने, एक सच्चे प्यार करने वाले कुंवारी का ये प्रण है, की जब तक मेरे किशन को होश नहीं आता तब तक मै ये चुदियाँ नहीं पहनूगी।"
Good stuff!

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