Saturday, February 15, 2014

Don't Panic

I got a new phone from AT&T (iPhone 4S) this week. I have been using the GPS & google maps on it to navigate Charlotte "ki galiyan" extensively. I was on my way to a friend's place when inexplicably the GPS on the phone decided to play a foul trick on this poor little brown fella. So I am driving around in the streets of a foreign town, that too after a really long time in a foreign country, with a GPS showing my really really approximate location - within a half km radius. Its for this very situation you need to read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or at least its cover:
Courtesy here
Its a best seller because of it has the words "Don't Panic" written in large friendly letters on the cover :) (1). So after about 2 hours of trying to reset my phone, driving around in crazy circles, getting scared of stopping in unknown neighborhoods and doing all of this over again, I found my way to the safety of the place I call my home these days.
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