Thursday, October 10, 2013

A days workout

Crisis compounded - Mom's not well, Avani's down with cold and her baby sitter is on leave for 5 days. So I decided to take a day off to look after the little devil. Realized its a tough job handling an infant for an entire day:

No. of squats done: 20-30
No. of back benders:  50-70
Weight training: 8 kg for 1 hour, through the day
Steps: 100
No. of songs sung & re-sung: 20
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And by the way this was not even her full day - I did not contribute in her daily ablutions, breakfast and dinner. Hats off to wifey and mom, and to ladies all around who balance roles as a mother and as a wife and sometimes also as an employee.
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As an engineer, I can think of some obvious optimizations for fellow fathers in case they are given a similar one-day assignment:
  1. Pick her favorite food. Since I don't feed her regularly, her lunch and evening snack was her favorite food so that eating stress is neutralized.
  2. Restrict her play area to avoid running after her and some of the heavy lifting.  
  3. It might be worth investing in the 15 minute stroll (maybe accompanied by song) if that makes her sleep - will give both of you much needed rest :)
  4. Do not plan to do any office work - most likely you will not get any free time to get involved in any other activity
  5. Pay attention to her and her surrounding - with an active baby around small crises occur with unnatural probabilities. So that glass of water on the table or that unattended plate of food may quickly turn into more cleaning work. Prevention is definitely better than cure
  6. Be extremely patient
Enjoy your day & relish these moments :)
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