Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ek macchar aadmi ko...

I have a long running enmity with these blood suckers and am always on a lookout for methods to free my house of these parasites.
In my quest to find the ultimate antidote for this menace, I found this - a project by Intellectual Ventures Inc., funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. A mosquito-zapping laser created by salvaging parts from consumer electronics. Do watch the video below:
Demonstration at ted talk by Nathan Myhrvold
Some other unconventional ways for wannabe mosquito terminators:
  1. Home made mosquito trap - I think this one is a hoax. Tried this at home. No. of mosquitoes trapped: 0
    Courtesy here
  2. Electric mosquito trap. I ordered one from wantrn. It does an OK job, but effective only in dark rooms that too when there is no one present in the room (make sure to do a Homenum Revelio before turning this on :). The build quality needs a lot of improvement, as does the service. The charger stopped working due to a loose contact within the first month.
    But, not to miss the joy of seeing a pile of corpses when you check the storage container after a few days. Mu ha ha ha...

  3. Heavy duty outdoor trap from megacatch. IMO this should be a must-have amenity in every society...look forward to mosquito free night strolls and gardens.
    Mega-Catch Ultra
And for those of you who came looking for the famous song in the title from the movie Yeshwant:

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