Thursday, January 23, 2014


I recently tried online shopping for clothes as part of the GOSF on The overall experience was surprisingly satisfactory. Like most people I have had a mental block for shopping for clothes, shoes & other apparel without trying them on. However the variety and the size of their inventory and the huge discounts they were offering encouraged me to take a leap of faith - with very pleasing results.

Some of the things I liked over traditional shopping:
  1. Perennial discount offers that give you better deals than any year-end mall sale
  2. Massive inventory - so no dearth of choices
  3. Amazingly simple & free return policy - I had to fill an online form and the courier picked it up from my house. Money was credited back in a day after the pickup.
  4. Didn't have to drive to the city for visiting a mall :)
And some improvement areas:
  1. Introduce an option to get your clothes altered (obviously with no returns)
  2. Get rid of coupon codes to avail discounts - if you want the discounts to reach a broader audience just offer the discounts as part of standard checkout process. Why should I have to enter a coupon code to avail an offer.
  3. I prefer my order to be shipped together, rather than arrive a item at a time (due to different retailers)
And the reason for the title: has also expanded its offerings from books & electronics to fashion with an equivalent inventory.

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