Saturday, April 21, 2012

Any Buyers?

Over the last few years I have accumulated a small collection of fiction books. Having read and re-read them 4-5 times now I have grown weary of them and especially the space they end up occupying in my closet.
I would happily replace all of hem for their digital variants that I can read on my phone or iPad. However there are few venues available in India to sell used books online. I did run into few options through google: buyselloldbooks. However none of them seemed very promising. I am sure there is a market here - which is evident from the numerous book stores buying and selling used books in Appa Balwant Chowk, Pune.

Though one of the peeves I have with e-books is that they are priced the same as printed editions. I would expect some kind of a cost benefit for not having the publishers print, sellers provide storage and manual handling of those books. However that argument does not seem to be valid.

My collection:
  1. Michael Crichton's entire collection
  2. A lot of Isaac Asimov Fiction
  3. Some Robin Cook
  4. And miscellaneous (thank you spell check) of Harry Potter, Gurucharan Das, Scott Adams
Any buyers?
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