Saturday, April 14, 2012

My phone is an iPhone

After a long wait and some underhanded urging , I got an upgrade to my stone age Blackberry phone from the office. Though not exactly what I wanted, iPhone 4 was a giant leap from where I was.

I have been using the iPhone for about 5 months now and here's a quick list of what my likes and dislikes:
  1. Apple store is great with lots and lots of apps. The paid ones are also priced very reasonably
  2. Screen is awesome, very responsive
  3. Simplicity of use. Interface is clean, not too much clutter
  4. Great battery life (if not using 3G)
And what I dislike:
  1. Too expensive, esp. if you are buying it in India
  2. Too many restrictions put by Apple - can't blue tooth to a non-apple device,  no custom launchers, app store is good but still I would like to install anything I want on the phone
  3. Battery life sucks with 3G. Though this is a problem with other phones also in the same class
  4. After you are beyond the "oh my phone has this feature also" phase, you start feeling constrained by the number of things that you cannot do on your phone
Anyways, unlike ND here, I did not spend 40k on buying a smart phone, so can't complain too much :)
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