Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ye Ye...Its my birthday

I am forever bullied into celebrating special calendar days by my wife. Nothing against it except its mostly very very crowded, expensive with poor service all around on such days.

Me, I would rather go out for dinner on the weekend instead of on a birthday that falls in the middle of the week. I have a busy job and its usually difficult to get home early. Or take the case of new years eve going out anywhere involves trying to find a venue when everything's shit expensive and unreliable, getting friends together when everyone has 3 different plans and 4 different backup plans, I can't drink because I am driving, traffics bad ...and I can go on.

Of course, rationalizing with wifey on this is as futile as boiling water with a magnifying lens :P
And no, its not my birthday today.
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