Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Blue Shirt

Wifey keeps complaining about my wardrobe, making (seemingly) wild allegations that all my shirts look alike. Most Monday mornings I face the daunting task of picking a shirt to begin the week with, while trying to desperately claw at the vague recollection of what I wore on Thursday, the previous week (Friday's are casual). Pooja's of no help as she revels in the vindication of her claim, reiterating that it does not matter what I wear, since every shirt looks the same. You know, I do want to get her checked.
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There's limited choice when it comes to men's formals with the additional constraint of lighter shades due to my natural color - I got 33% of tall, dark & handsome (My marriage bio data says I am wheatish ;). And I love blues. My practical solution is to have uniforms in office. That way we all have 1 less thing to worry about and can focus on more pressing problems like what to pack for lunch?

Going through some team outing photos taken over 3 years, I realized a frequently repeated item - the black shirt in my profile photo...oh well
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